Nina (b.1988) is a Dutch designer, with a hands-on way of working. Through her work she materialises ideas that nurture the relationship we have with our objects, spaces and natural environment. She is eager to identify and amplify connections in our systems and ways of thinking, with the believe these connections are crucial for a more holistic approach to the development of our (built) environment.

Together with Nicolas Ibaceta, Nina creates kayaks for YamanaBoats, founded on an enthusiasm to experiment within the universe of vessels, materials, and fabrication combined with with a passion to explore the nature, especially the waters. She co-founded BiomimicryNorway, a non-profit organisation to inspire the application of biomimicry and circular economy principles. She worked in a team of sociologists and architects at Comte Bureau, and at StokkeAustad creating interior products and architecture.

Important to her is practising and sharing the experience of making objects and materials with one's own hands and local materials. Currently she is on an investigation of the process from algae to biomaterial.


+31 6 3823 8988 (NL) 
+47 4074 8560 (NO)

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